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Tips for Carpet Maintenance

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Having a carpet in your house provides a lot of benefits. It can absorb noise and shock, reducing injuries. It also provides warmth and a comforting feeling as well as compliments ay interior designs with its varied styles and designs. However, carpets, similar to other floor materials, are also susceptible to its natural wear and tear. 

It is convenient to call and hire professional carpet cleaners SS as they can guarantee a complete cleaning service to your carpet. However, the way you maintain your carpet also plays a major role in keeping it in good condition.  

There are carpets that can last up to several years when maintained properly. In this article, we provide you some easy and smart tips for carpet cleaning and maintenance.  

1.Clean immediately any spills 

Time is a very important factor in your carpet maintenance, and when any liquid and solid material is spilled on your carpet, clean immediately. Dab, rather than scrub, the surface as rubbing the spill will allow the spreading of the stain on the carpet’s fabric. The liquid solution can be any liquid soap or hydrogen peroxide.  

2. Remove your shoes inside the house 

Shoes are some of the few enemies of carpets. Your shoes are among the dirtiest object you can carry with you, although it may give you that clean look. When you go outside, you carry with your shoes’ soles some fine particles and oily substances that can be difficult to remove when once transferred on the carpet’s surface.  

Ladies’ heels are also a no-no for a carpeted floor as the sharpness of the heels may cause runs and pulls on the fibers.  

Walking bare feet is a lesser devil, but it is still not recommended as your feet can also carry dirt and oil substance. The advised thing to use is house slippers or socks.  

3.Vacuum as often as you can 

The only way to clean your carpet is through a vacuum. This is one of the pros of having a carpeted floor – a fast and easy cleaning process through a vacuum, so make most of what you can contribute to the cleaning process. When cleaning, make sure that you clean horizontally and vertically, not leaving the bag half full.  

4.Protect if form the sun rays 

You might as well put some blinds or curtains on your windows to prevent the sun to go through, damaging your carpet.  

5. Add an extra layer of protection 

You can prevent faster wear and tear by putting on a decorative rug to protect your carpet. Decorative rugs can also provide more decorations for your house. A thicker rug can be more stable than the thinner ones.  


Your carpet floor provides a lot of benefits to you. It offers more convenience, warmth during the cold weather, sound absorption, and even absorb pollutants in the air. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, your carpeted floor has also advantages when compared to other floor materials. However, as the homeowner, you also need to do your part. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning are needed by your carpet.  

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